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With back to the future day fast approaching I thought it would be a laugh to create a cheap and simple hover board prop

Very simple and very cheap, I knocked this up for a friend in half an hour

So enjoy....


Step 1: You Will Need.......

For this simple build I used mostly stuff I had around the house

Cardboard larger the better
Glue gun
Clear tape
Old foam yoga matt brought from £1 store
Photo paper ( I used 4 pages glossy )
Computer and printer

Step 2: Step One - Find Our Desired Size

If you used google you can find many many templates and rough blue prints to make this I went by the measurements of an old stake board at home and tweeted them

See pic

Step 3: Time to Cut

Once you have your sizes all figured out draw your template on the foam mat then cut it out and out can used that to make other templates

Due to the foam only being 2mm thick I needed to use card and another piece of foam to make it thicker then glued it all together and trimmed off any extras

Step 4: The Fox Kick

Once all stuck down and the glue is dry you can put the bend in the board as seen in the film

I did this with a straight ruler and bending it about 3.5 inches from the bottom

Step 5: Logos

Now it is time to sort your logos and pattern

you can either paint it, draw it do what ever you want even make a custom one

I chose to go original, found a design on google that worked and used basic paint to sort the scales and print the pages

All in all it was 4 pages

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Now simply glue your printed sheets to the board and trim the excess and your done

Step 7: Enjoy

Now are you can tell I rushed this and I did not do the bottom half as my friend wanted to mount his in the garage, but I did do a second board for myself following the same process for the bottom but added a small plastic stand to give the illusion of hovering

Hope you enjoy



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    2 years ago

    do it hover


    3 years ago

    Nice. Liking the "illusion of hovering".

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    cheers was really and after thought, but for just a geek effect looks good sitting on the to of the book shelf lol and helps it to stand up


    3 years ago

    Thanks, it occurred to me once I brought the official shoes lol


    3 years ago

    way to go. you copied off of awe me's prop shop.