Simple Bangle Holder

Introduction: Simple Bangle Holder

Girls love bangles, moreover Indian girls.... but when it comes to arranging and keeping bangles in proper way, we might get little lazy... and when try to find matching bangles with our costume, it will take long time.... so here is easy way to manage and arrange your bangles, just by reuse things that available at your home ....

Step 1: Things We Need

There only 4 things needed yo create this holder.

1. Paper Puncher
2. Tisu holding paper roll (Depends to you How many layer of holder you need)
3. Circle paper clips
4. Ribbon or any length cloth piece (for hanger)

Step 2: Punch It


1. Put a hole at edge of the Tisu holder (Right)
2. the second hole have to be at another edge (left) of Tisu holder..
3. both of the hole must be at same line... straight..
4. put another hole at opposite of every each hole (right, left)
5. Repeat this steps for all the holder

Step 3: Connect Layers


1. Turn two(2) holders and put it as both holders hole face one to another..
2. Attach both holes using a circle paper clip ( do it for left and right side)
3. take another holder and connect with opposite hole of previous holder using paper clip also.

Step 4: Arrange Your Bangles and Hang It


1. Open 1 side of clip and put your bangles in your own arrangements. (according colours will be more helpful)
2. once done with inserting your bangles, lock the paper clip back..
3. open the most top paper clip at both left and right side.
4. lock the paper clips wit the ribbon which already knot .
5. Done ; )

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    Nanthini Suppiah
    Nanthini Suppiah

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi bettyscoop, just open the paper clip at one side and take your bangles out... ;)