Simple Banner (bunting)

Introduction: Simple Banner (bunting)

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Super easy way to recreate a cute banner decoration for any room or event.

- Paint cards/samples (FREE)


- cut triangle out of paint card (since its pretty small, try to get as much material as you can)

- add two holes using either a hole punch or even a pen

- add string (if string unravels, use tape to close it up)

- keep adding till you are done

- position all the pieces equally on string

- flip over and tape string to paper so it doesn't budge

- hang and admire.=D

- you can go colorful or even muted tones which would be just as pretty. 
- this project is simple but time consuming and repetitive so put on a movie or a great play list.
- make sure to map out the way you want the banner to hang beforehand
- if you make mistakes its ok, its not that noticeable.=]
- just have fun and even put your own spin on it by adding letters, images or even a pattern.

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