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I never knew that making wire jewelries could be sooo much fun! After making a few pairs of stud earrings I wanted to make more wire earrings.

Anyways, I kept thinking and came up with this super easy idea :)

follow this ible to find out how I made these earring!

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this simple earring you'll need:-

1) Craft wire - 18-20 gauge,
2) Craft plier - cutting and flat nose plier,
3) Round object - I used a pen),
4) Bead - of any size you want.

Step 2: Preparing Wire & Bead

Measure and cut  30 cm of crafting wire,

I think it's always better if you keep a few cm extra because you won't be able to add extra wire later if needed,

Thread the bead into the wire and fix its position right in the center of the cut out wire.

Step 3: Basic Wrapping

After threading the bead into the wire start wrapping the wire around the bead,

wrap the wire around the bead from both sides,

Try wrapping the wire around the bead as evenly as possible.

Stop wrapping when the wire will reach 2 cm on one side and 4 cm on another side.

Step 4: Final Wrapping

Use the flat nose plier to straighten the long piece (4 cm) of wire,

Now wrap the small piece (2 cm) of wire around the long piece as shown in the picture of this step.

Step 5: Making the Hook

You'll need a small round object to make the hook for the earring, I used a pen,

Simply measure and hold the straight part of the wire adjacent to the pen (see picture),

Carefully bend the wire around the pen to make a hook-like pattern,

After making the hook cut extra wire if needed.

There, done! hope you like it :)


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3 years ago

Anything larger than 20g might be painful to most ears. Using a file or a cup bur will smooth the ends and make the earrings look more finished. That said--nice design.


4 years ago on Introduction

How did you get a clean, smooth cut on the ear wire end (so it doesn't hurt your ear lobe going in)? Do you sand it smooth or do you have a special kind of wire cutters that I don't have (I have jewelry tools).

1 reply

5 years ago

Really cool! I especially like the pink one with the silver wire.