Simple Bike Clock

About: MIT MechE student and intern at TechShop SF

Revamp an old clock in under an hour!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

All you need is:


a bike wheel
After calling around, I found most cycleries have old parts that are up for grabs. A place on Polk St. had great spare wheels.

a clock or clock mechanism
I used an old Ikea clock of mine-

a glue gun

an exacto knife

Optional add ons:

tin foil and cardboard: 
I used these to extend the arms on my clock and make them longer to accomodate my new face.

I ended up hanging my clock from a curtain rod in my room. 

Step 2: Step 1: Telling Time

It was pretty easy to take out the clock movement...

Just some stabbing (and near finger slicing) and the inner part came right out!

To change the length of the hands:
I used good old kitchen tin foil and some cardboard from an old sketchbook.
I wrapped the tin foil around the minute hand and stuck a piece of cardboard on top of the hour hand.
Then I secured it with a dab of hot glue. 

Step 3: Step 2: Assembly

Your key to success is hot glue. So be generous with it! (Also, make sure to clean off any existing grease from your wheel.)

Evenly apply hot glue to back of your movement and then hold it against the hub for about a minute. It'll stick! 

If you want to hang your clock, wrap rope or string in between the spokes. You create a loop 

Congrats on your new clock!
Keep the time and wheels a turnin'.




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