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Introduction: Simple Bike Pannier

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How to make a bike pannier out of a rice bag.

Step 1: Get Your Materials

What's needed:
A rice bag, or other bag
Metal pieces
Zip ties

Pliers (needle nose)
A mandrel about the diameter of your bike rack frame (this can be anything that you can bend metal around)

Step 2: Bending

Bend your metal pieces (I used the metal port covers from an old PC) so that they're hooked with an internal diameter about the same as the size of your bike rack.

Step 3: Placement

Place your clips no further apart than your bike rack can support, and zip tie them to the bag. I used the smallest zip ties I could find, and doubled them for extra strength.

Step 4: And You're Done!

Go get some groceries! Your bag is done!



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    5 Discussions

    Thanks for the idea. I had a couple of empty rice bags taking up space and now I don't. Ride safe and be well.

    very simple in hoping to build something like this but more permenant (im 13 and cycle a bmx so theres not much stuff for it So i have to make my own racks and stuff so far i have some stuff done for it like a wooden rear rack

    Yes. The frame keeps it out quite nicely. I just hauled some milk, cereal, pickles, and some other stuff back from the local Wegmans. Nice that it came in as a shopping bag with me!

    Simple and effective! The frame keeps it out of the rear wheel I guess? L