Simple Bottle Cap Toothbrush Holder Hack

Introduction: Simple Bottle Cap Toothbrush Holder Hack

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The main Problem We are facing in a morning is seraching for the toothbrush...Don't You, Before this Hack i was keeping my toothbrush in a Cup.But with this Hack You can simply hang down your toothbrush in between 2 bottle caps.If you want you can add more bottle caps and add other things like razors,Toothpaste or more brushes.Hopes You will like the Instructable. Sorry for the Low quality Image , Because I dont have a Cam and was taken by an old phone.

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Step 1: Things Needed

BOTTLE CAPS - 2 or more and it can be of different colors, so that it will look more beautiful..

GLUE -You can use your Hotglue Gun or any glue lying around..

Thats all, If u want to stylize it you can use different Colors , glitters or paper cutouts..

Step 2: Bottle Cap

Take the bottle cap and apply glue on the side with more surface area, that is top of the cap..In photo you can see that I Applied glue on the other side...Because It will looke more attractive in that side.
Apply glue on other Caps also.

Step 3: FIX It

Now Take Your caps, that are ready to be Pasted...

Look for a surface like wall , Cupboard or any other plain surface and fix it..

Do this for all oher bottle caps...

Make sure that Bottle caps are alligned Properly in a same line...

Step 4: READY

The Toothbrush Hanger is ready...Hang your toothbrush and make your Everyday more Easy....

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