Simple But Useful Jumper Wire Hack

It seemed that I am always looking for extra connections or pins for adding components to a prototype board, shield, Arduino, or Raspberry Pi board. Starring at a pile of jumper wires and alligator clips, I thought "Why not combine them?". The result is a simple and versatile jumper cable/clip that provides some flexibility in breadboarding prototypes. Although I show only using a male/female jumper used with the clip, a male/male, female/female, or even several jumpers joined together could be added to a single clip.

The assembly is simple, only requiring the stripping of insulation off and soldering the bare ends to the alligator clip. Ideally, the insulator would be reinstalled over the clip for isolation. The addition of the alligator clip adds versatility in combining discrete components to conventional boards.

If you find this ible useful, please let me know. Thanks for viewing.

Step 1: Components

The basic components include jumper cables and an alligator clip.

Step 2: Completed Assembly Showing One Possibility.

The final, modified cable using a male/female jumper cable and a single alligator clip.

Step 3: Cable in Use.

Final cable in use on an Arduino board (just for illustration purposes).

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    2 years ago

    Thanks for the tip. I looked at this and thought "Well duh!", but I would have never thought of it had I not seen it! I can see this and other variations being quite useful. Thanks again.


    Nice trick. You might think about entering this into the First Time Author's contest that is currently running.

    1 reply