Simple CCFL Attractive Wall Light

This is simple way to make attractive CCFL light at your home.

Step 1: Parts Needed

1.CCFL Tube ( Cold Cathode Fluorescent Light )

CCFL tubes come in various sizes, so you can choose your own size.

2.CCFL inverter circuit.

Inverter can be get it from your local market or ebay.

3.Mounting Clamps (10mm size)


5.Soldering iron

Step 2: Fixing Tube on the Wall

Fix 2 mounting clamp on the wall using hammer.

Place the CCFL tube on the mounting clamps.

Step 3: Giving Connections

Give connections to CCFL tube from the inverter circuit.

Now provide 12V DC supply to the circuit.

Step 4: Your CCFL Is Ready....

Now your attractive wall CCFL light is ready.



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