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Introduction: Simple Cage Trap

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This is probably the most efficient and easy to make trap. It can catch animals such as birds, rabbits, cats, puppies and everything depending on the size of the cage you use.

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Step 1: Stuff You Need

1. A bird cage, the ones with perches if you want to catch cats or puppies.
2. Steel wire, any thickness as long as you get 8 inches of length.
 That's all!

Wire Cutter

Step 2: What to Do With the Wire

Take your length of wire and cut it with the wire cutter. The first piece should be about 2 inches. And the rest is the rest.
Look at the image above and bend it in the shapes shown.

Step 3: Perch

Take the 6 inch piece( the one like a hook) and hang it on the bird perch.
Attach the perch to the middle of the cage.

Step 4: The Actual Cage

Take the small 2 inch piece of the wire and follow the picture. Attach it to the middle of the cage door.

Step 5: How to Use It

To use the trap:
1. Attach a piece of bait to the hook, eg. fish for cats.
2. Follow the picture above and rest the cage door on the small wire, just on the head,so that on the slightest touch the cage door falls.
3. Take the trap to a place where the animal you want to catch lives.
4. Wait and Voila!

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    Why are you trying to catch rabbits, cats, or dogs? I assume they're somebody else's pet. Why are you messing with that? :/