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Introduction: Simple Camera Stand Using Bottle

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Today I'm going to teach you, How to make a simple camera stand using a bottle. It is very easy to make and you can take photographs or record videos easily using it. So did you planned to make it? Well, before planning you have to know how to make it. So let's move to the instructions.

Step 1: What You Need

** A medium sized bottle.

** A selfie stick

** Some sands or some rice

That's it!!

Step 2: What to Do Now?

OK, after you have organised all the things you need to make it, lets make it.

Put the rices or sands into the bottle. Keep some empty spaces like the image above. Then put the selfie stick into it. The bottle will hold the selfie stick and the selfie stick will hold the phone. That's it!!. Let's see the result here.

Step 3: Result

Check the images and you will be able to see how the completed task looks. Isn't it amazing?

Let me know your thoughts using the comment section.

Thank you for today and lets meet again with anything else.



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    I like how simple this is! could be done on vacation if you didn't bring a tripod

    1 reply

    This one looks very simple! But thumbs up for the idea.