Simple Chic Winter Shrug



About: Rainy city makes me want to craft a rainbow. ;)

I remember flipping through vintage fashion magazines and post cards, and seeing beautiful shrugs that creates volume and warmth.  This winter, I created a few for gift giving and myself. What better way to spread the love than to share the instruction with Instructable readers!

You can dress up this Shrug with rhinestone pins or just leave the grosgrain ribbons for a casual look! :) Matches my Instructable T-shirt perfectly ;) The fabric I picked is a knit Boucle fabric. But any soft fabric will work very well.

By the way, I am entering this Shrug Instructable into two contests. If you enjoyed the instructions, please vote for me! thanks!

Fabric and Trim
1 1/2" Yard of 45" wide main fabric
3 yards of ribbon, cut into half (2 - 90" long Ribbons)

pattern paper/drafting paper
fabric scissors / paper scissors
L square ruler
Measurement Tapes
Safety Pins
Pencils & Eraser
Straight ruler

Black Thread
Sewing machine
Serger - Optional, you can also Zigzag stitch the raw edges to prevent fraying

This pattern is super easy and simple. ready? it is a straight edged rectangle - That's right!
44" X 22" rectangle, with a folded side.
Seam allowance is 1" all around.

Sewing - step by step instruction is illustrated with photos.
1, Cut pattern out accordingly
2, Serge or Zigzag raw edges
3, fold back and Sew 1" along the 44" side
4, Leaving 5" gap and sew the sides together  with a 1" Seam allowance
5, Press open the seam allowance, and sew the seam allowance down to create a tunnel
6, Thread ribbon through the tunnel
7, Repeat step 4-6 on the other side.
8, Add a 2" deep pleat at the center back Top .

Done! :)



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