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Introduction: Simple Chocolate Souffle

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Today I am going to show you how to make a Simple Chocolate Souffle. I have made this Ible especially for The Chocolate Contest. But Secondarily because I love to simplify recipes to make them manageable to any Person. 
If you have LARGE ramakin dishes this mixture will serve Four If you have smaller it will serve 6. 

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Step 1: Ingredients and Equipment

Unfortunately you will have to excuse my idiocy as i forgot the photograph the ingredients but i did get a pretty good photo by my standards of the Equipment.

Butter-A Large Lump
Chocolate(I used Lindt 70% Cocoa but you can use any 70% and above chocolate)-150g
White Granulated Sugar-150g

4 Large Ramakins or 6 Smaller Ramakins
Apron (optional)
Small Pot
Large HeatProof Bowl
Large Knife (optional)
Two Small Bowls
Large Mixing Bowl
If you want to make your life easier use an electric whisk if you want to build muscle use a normal one.

Step 2: Preparation

Getting Organised
Seperate the eggs and put 6 whites in a small bowl and put 3 yolks in the other ( Do with the 3 other yolks as you wish)
Eggs can be seperated many ways but i find the easiest way is to cup one of your hands and pour the egg into it then let it drip through into a bowl.  Pour the egg whites into the large mixing bowl.( Picture 1 and 2 )

Line the ramkins with butter ( Rub butter around the inside ) Then sprinkle some sugar inside and spin the ramakin (tip out any excess sugar.(Picture 3 and 4)

Lindt comes in packs of 100g so i took 1 full pack and halfed another bar. You can now break it into small pieces or cut it.(Pictures 5 and 6)

Pre heat oven to 190oC.

Step 3: Getting Stiff...Peaks

Half fill a small pot with boiling water and put on a medium heat with the chocolate in a heat proof bowl above it.
Note: Do not let the bottom of the bowl touch the water.
When it is melted add the egg yolks and mix slowly. As in Picture 1.
The mixture will get very thick.

Get your your whisk and whisk the egg whites until it creates soft peaks (as in picture 2) then add the 100g of sugar in four goes whisking on high speed until stiff peaks are obtained(picture 3).

Step 4: Making the Souffle Mix

Add 1/3 of the egg white mixture to the chocolate mixture and fold in lightly. Then add this mixture back into the egg whites and fold it lightly in until it is completely brown (Picture1).

Then pour this mixture into the ramakins(Picture2).

Bake at the front in the centre shelf of the pre heated oven.For 6-8 minutes

Place on plates once they start to tear at top take out and place on plates with kitchen roll on top or the plates may crack(Picture3).

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