Simple Christmas Ornament Made From Spare CDs



Make a simple ornament from old CDs. This instructable is for everyone to attempt, adapt and create. But only adults should cut the CDs in half as guillotines can be very sharp, and nobody wants to spend their Christmas holidays in the emergency ward.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

You Will Need the Following Consumables:

  • 4 CDs per ornament
  • Strong Glue, capable of binding plastic
  • String
  • Double-Sided Tape


You Will Need the Following Tools:

  • Paper Guillotine
  • Some weights or boxes or something to prop up the CDs while the glue sets
  • Scissors to cut the string

Step 2: Preperation

Start by cutting 2 of the CDs in half with the Guillotine. Try to cut as close to the centre as possible. And be VERY careful, the size of the CD means you will usually have to place it from the blade side.

I have it on good word from a mate that chopping off your body parts does not make a second you or even a mini-you, but rather you will probably want to make a very quick trip to the hospital.

Step 3: Halves

Starting off with the first set of half-CDs:

Use a small piece of double sided tape on the printed side of one of the halves then stick the other half to the first, lining up the flat edges to each other.

Now, grab an uncut CD and place the cut CD over the top, lining up the edges of the disc.

Next, with the glue, place a liberal amount next to the edge of the halved CD, onto the full CD.

Finally, lift up the halved CD and place it at right angles to the full CD along the glue line and use something to keep it propped up while it dries.

Repeat this with the other CDs to end up 2 sets, and allow to dry.

Step 4: Final Steps

Next, attach the string to one of the halves using the glue.

Finally, use some more double sided tape to affix the two pieces together, taking care to line up the cut halves with each other.



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