Simple Clean Graphite Ipad Stylus


This is my very first instructables,

And for starters i decided do make the same thing everyone, at least once in life, does, a Tablet Stylus Tutorial!

Every time i see one of those i get myself thinking of how complicated it is to build one with foam and foil and stuff. Also how crappy are the ones they sell around, with that rubber tip that doesnt move in a fluid way and leave rubber marks in your screen.

So i had an idea, a really simple one, that in the end become a cheap, fluid, simple, clean, functional and elegant Stylus.


This is an early stage idea and although it is working really well for me, there are some things i cant tell for sure, like if the graphite is able to anyhow damage the screen, and stuff like that. So, if you dont know also, try it, but be smart. If you know, please, comment below.

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Step 1: Materials

For this project you'll need

Graphite Sticks (non wood) (Sometimes called charcoal pencil)

Sandpaper (in my case one of those nail sanding sticks)

Step 2: Making

The point here is:

The graphite by itself will be recognised by the capacitive screen, as long as it has enought surface area.

So basically i sanded the back part of the stick in an angle so i could touch the screen with a flat area in a confortable hand position, and thats it!

It doesnt leave any graphite in my hands nor in the glass.

It is cheap. It is made of one single piece. And so on.

Anyway, thanks for reading it all and i hope to see your critics below!

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    5 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Young phone, and I HATE its touch screen.

    I tried some rigid conductive sticks, but it seems that the screen needs a bigger touch point. A salted water soaked cotton qtip, wrapped in aluminum foil, works well, but it is a bit boring to keep it wet.

    I will try your proposal, maybe here I could get one of these graphite sticks.

    2 replies

    i had a galaxy y also, and besides the tiny touchscreen, mine kept reseting all the time!

    Anyway, those "no wood" pencils are really easy to find in art supply stores, and also on amazon or ebay. Costing around $ 1-2.

    They are pretty easy to shape also, so i think it is a tiny price for a good possibility.

    Please come to tell if all went well.