Simple Clip-on Headphone Holder




Introduction: Simple Clip-on Headphone Holder

For those of you, who use headphones, here is a small instructable for making a simple clip-on headphone holder that you can attach to your desk.

There are a lot of headphone holders out there that you can buy. Most of them are headphone stands that take up some place on your desk. Others have to be screwed to your desk and, therefore, leave marks when you remove them. There are also some clip-on head phone holders out there, but I found them to be unsightly or too expensive.

There is already a nice instructable by ramadanrenan for making a "Clip-on Headphone Stand/rest" from a sheet of metal. However, since I don't have metal available and lack the tools to work with metal, I designed a simple clip-on headphone holder made from wood.

Those of you, who have a 3D printer, can also easily print this part.

Here is what you need:

- Piece of wood (I used 28 mm thickness)

- Spray adhesive

- Scroll saw or jigsaw

- Sand paper

Step 1: Adjusting the Dimensions for Your Desk

I designed the headphone holder for my IKEA desk with a tabletop of 34 mm thickness. Most of you will have different desks and, therefore, have to adjust this dimension.

Print our the attached pdf file and adjust the clamp length to your tabletop thickness. You can do that by simply using a ruler and a pen. (See annotations in the pdf file)

Step 2: Preparing the Headphone Holder

Print out the attached pdf file or use the one that you adjusted to your tabletop thickness and use spray adhesive to attach it to your wood.

Then use your scroll saw/jigsaw to cut out the head phone holder. Make sure to leave the black lines standing at the inside of the clamp. (See annotations in the pdf file) Otherwise the headphone holder will be too lose and might fall off.

Step 3: Sanding and Final Adjustments

Sand down all sides of the headphone holder until it looks nice and you are satisfied.

If you now try attach it to your tabletop, you will probably not be able to slide it all the way onto your tabletop. This is because you left the black lines at the inside of the clamps standing during cutting. Now start sanding at the insides of the clamp until you can fully slide it onto your table top. While doing that, sand more strongly at the inner corner of the clamp. (see annotations in the pdf) This way you will get a nice clamp effect.

I attached mine to my tabletop about one years ago and since then it stayed fixed at the same position.




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    9 Discussions

    Simple and effective. Gonna probably make one for myself. Been working with wood for a while... unless you're careless it won't break that easily. Some wax and that's top.

    Wow! How is that not going to break (type of wood/grain orientation/weight of headphones!).

    Would be a great project to use aluminum for, not that I have any that could be used for this :)

    5 replies

    I see your comments like this on various instructables and they often understandably rub people the wrong way.

    Here's suggestion, rephrase with something like "this is neat! I might try it in aluminium. Might be overkill but i'm prone to breaking things!"

    Then you're not being such a negative reviewer and maybe people are more open to your feedback.

    Got it.

    I still am wondering how much this can hold before breaking... :)

    Dude, how heavy are your headphones?

    Wood is stronger than you think - I'm positive my one can hold a few kilos...

    Even the cheapest/weakest wood is strong enough for this. Using Aluminum is overkill, if you do it only for strength. Although, Aluminum would look nice, I give you that!

    Now that you ask... They only feel a lot because they can be on my head for hours.

    It would take me exactly two hours to accidentally stumble into it and break. But still, it could be repaired, and the glue joint would be strongest point.

    If I would stumble into all my stuff and break it in just two hours, I would make everything out of metal as well...