Simple Clutch for Drill Press for Drilling and Tapping Smaller Holes. (M1-M6)




Introduction: Simple Clutch for Drill Press for Drilling and Tapping Smaller Holes. (M1-M6)

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I have a cheap drill press, good in many cases.

But it has a chuck that holds drills between 4mm to 16mm.

I also wanted to drill smaller holes with it.

But, i didn't manage to find chuck that would have hold both, small and big drills.

Changing the whole chuck from one to another between drilling holes would have been too slow.

So, i decided to make this simple tool to fix that issue.

Because i usually thread those drilled holes too, i tought it would be nice to do it at same setting, both drilling and tapping.

To make it possible, i designed this very simple clutch. Its for preventing breakage of the small drills, it also allows me to use drill press for tapping drilled holes, with the same setup.


This fits to 16mm chuck.

12mm axle 100-130 mm long. ( depends from the tightness and lenght of the spring )

Small chuck ( 0-6mm ) re-threaded it to M12

Spring 60mm x 15mm x 1.5mm

Washer 12mm / 15mm to the end of the axle.

1-3 washers 12mm / 30 for adjusting tightness of the spring.

Pipe 50mm long 16mm outer dia, 2mm wall, (12mm inner dia ) Washer to be weld to the chuck.

Video shows the usage:

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Step 1: Parts..

List of parts is short and simple.

My goal was to find the simplest possible solution.


0-6mm drills. It was with the 3/8" thread.

But because i live in a metric system, i re-threaded it to M12 / 20mm long.


12mm axle, 120mm long.

Weld a spacer to the other end.

Grinded outer diameter of the spacer after welding to 15mm.

Its important that its diameter is smaller than the outer diamenter of the "Pipe".

Then it fits to move inside the drill press chuck. Remember to Remove splatters.

Make suitable thread to the opposite end of the axle.

So, that it fits to the chuck. In my case M12 / 20mm long.


45 mm long 16mm pipe, inner dia 12mm, (important, that 12mm axle fits firmly inside the pipe)

Weld a spacer to other end, spring leans to it. Remove splatters. Make sure that axle fits inside the pipe after welding.

Washers and spring.

60mm long spring with 15mm outer dia, 1,5mm wire thickness. Tight is better.

Washers with 12mm center hole, to adjust the tightness of the spring.

Tighter spring makes clutch tighter.

Video shows the assembly.

Idea is very simple. Chuck in the drill press, holds the clutch from the 16mm pipe.

Axle inside the pipe is allowed to go round and move up and down.

Spring transmits the power from the pipe to the smaller chuck, when drill stucks, it doesn't break because spring starts to "slide" .

Spring also allows tapping tool to move up and down, that's important. Otherwise thread would break.

Step 2: Other Uses..

There's many ways to use drill press...

But here's couple other reasons for that small chuck.

It can be used to hold bits from dremel like tools too, to re-use broken glass jars, vut bottles...

Diamond cut off wheels are much thinner in that size, thin cut off wheel gives nicer cut.

But it also allows the use of the small grinding stones, tungsten carbide cutters, routing bits..

Helps making small slots, grooves etc. For plastic, wood or metals.

Thanks for watching!


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    Mas SumariS

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    Good idea. I need to make one of these for my drill press.


    2 years ago

    Very nice! Can you include a video link since the videos don't show up on the Instructables Android ap?