Simple Craftstick Bow N Arrow

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My first Instructables, hope you like it. The materials and tools are very easy to find. It can shoot up to 7 metres (i dont have space more than that), but it may shoot further

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Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. Scissors. 2. 5 craftsticks. 3. Drinking straw. 4. Rubber band. 5. Paperclip. 6. Tape. If you can't find them just go to the nearest Wal-mart or something.

Step 2: The Body

1. Cut 3 of the craftstick into half. 2. Glue them together like in the pic. 3. Glue the full length craftstick to the half sticks like in the pic. 4. Put the rubber band into its place. Again, like in the pic. 5. Glue one half of the rubber band to the side of the bow to let the arrow pass through like in the pic.

Step 3: The "arrow"

1.Take the straw, and put the paperclip on top of the straw as shown in the pic 2. Glue them together 3. You're all done

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