Simple Crosscut Sled



Introduction: Simple Crosscut Sled

I have been planning on building one of these for a while now, and have never gotten around to it until now. The main reason was that I never got around to getting a miter gauge, to use the bar to make the crosscut sled. I finally came to acquire one while I was walking the dog during a heavy trash week and someone was just happening to be throwing an old delta miter gauge away. What luck I say. I built this crosscut sled without spending and money. I will show you how I made a simple yet precise crosscut sled.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

You will need a few things for the construction. Here is a list of some of the things you will need

Miter gauge bar( you can make this out of wood, but be careful wood will shrink and swell with temperature changes. This can cause the sled to stop or jam.)

A piece of mdf or plywood, I chose mdf I had and old scrap piece

A piece of pine

Table saw

Screw gun

Kreg or Kreg like pocket hole jig



Step 2: Disassemble

So first thing is to dissasemble the old miter gauge, just undo the screws from the bar and remove the gague.

Step 3: Assembley Required

Once the miter bar is apart. Line it up to your mdf and the table saw. mark the screw holes, so you can attach the miter bar to the mdf. Screw holes in the mdf and use a countersink bit to set screwa down to not interfere with your wood. Add screws from old miter to your new base and tighten down.

Step 4: More Assembling

I had some left over pine from another project and ripped it in half and cut it to my desired length. Thinking on how to attach the sled rails to the sled, I decided to use pocket holes to connect it. I have a kreg like pocket hole jig that I use it works great. Just set the jig up to where you would like to put your pockets and screw away. Line up you rails tp the sled and square everything of and screw it all together

Step 5: Lets Go Sledding

Finish your sled by putting your table saw blade to the max height and cut through your sled. Back your blade down to your desired height and start sledding.

Thanks for reading. I hope this helps.
let me know if you have made one or have some other ideas for a sled. Thanks again

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