Simple DIY Candle Holders



Introduction: Simple DIY Candle Holders

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Do you know someone in your life that likes candles....and wood? You are in luck because I have the perfect gift instructable with printable temple for FREE!!

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Step 1: Mark Your Wood

Print out the provided template. Cut out and spray adhere to some scrap wood. This will be your guide to size and hole location.

Step 2: Cut Your Wood

I try to work quickly and efficiently, so I made a simple jig for my saw to get consistent and quick cuts.

Step 3: Drill Those Holes

I lucked out and was given a drill press. Use one if you have one to get consistent straight holes with constant depth. This is doable with a hand drill, but it will require a lot more set up. I used a drill press vise that I marked after I drilled the first hole with a forsner bit. I also set the depth gauge to stop so I don't drill all the way through the blank. After that I lined up each blank with the mark I made, I went to town drilling holes.

Step 4: Soften the Corners

I used an 1/8" round over and a 1/2" round over bit on my router. This gives the wood a softness to the corners and makes it more pleasing to the eye. This same look can be achieved with a sander or hand sanding.

Step 5: Fake the Finish

I used the stain to fake the color of the wood. I used "Varathane Wood Stain" that was "Cabernet" colored. I bought it here Cabernet

Step 6: The Final Goods

Here I have photographed the few I still have left. These have two coats of spray gloss. I would like to give them two more coats after a light sanding with a very high grit sand paper. Pop two appropriate sized candles and that is it. I hope that you enjoyed this Instructable. I would love to hear any feedback! You can also find me at Cheers

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