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This is a simple DIY jig for clamping miter joints that allows access to both sides of the work piece for easy removal of excess glue. Its a pretty straight forward video and build but if you have any questions please leave them below and Ill be sure to get to the all! Thanks!

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Made from 3/4" plywood

1 - 8" x 8"

2 - 4" x 4"


List of all my tools that I use

List of tools used in the video:

Bessey 6' Clamps

Delta Cruzer Miter Saw

Delta 36-5100 Table Saw

Rockler Silicon Glue Brush

Titebond Glue

Bostitch 16GA Nailer

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Step 1: Cut the Three Pieces

Out of 3/4" plywood but one pice 8" x 8" and two pieces 4" x 4" on your table saw or miter saw. I made four of these jigs at one time and batching them out was very simple.

Step 2: Assemble the Jig

Using wood glue and 2" finish nails stack the two 4" squares on top of one another and then attach them to the 8" square. They should be flush to one corner and avoid putting nails in the center of the small squares.

Step 3: Drill Hole for Clamps

Using a 2 1/8" forstner bit drill a hole in the center of the 4" square. The whole should be approximately 1 3/4" deep.

Step 4: Cut a Channel for Glue Squeeze Out

Mark and cut out a 3/4" wide channel from the inside corner of the 4" square. This channel does not have to be precise in width or placement and is used to clean off glue squeeze out when assembling miters on the jig.

Step 5: Use the Jig and Assemble Some Miters!

Now you can use the jig to clamp miter joints in place during glue up. Sometimes it takes a little adjustment to get the correct pressure on the joint but this jig works really well! As always thanks for following along!

For more details you can watch the full build video here:

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    11 Discussions


    5 days ago

    very nice clamp,
    a suggestion: add a simple wax finish to make sure the glue releases incase of squeeze out

    2 replies

    Reply 4 days ago

    The trick I use is to cover clamps with food cling film to prevent them getting glued on.


    Question 5 days ago

    Nice idea, but wouldn't an L shaped inner piece with flat surfaces be better for clamping than the circular face of the hole?

    1 answer

    The circular hole was easy and quick to make and the clamps work great with it. However, what your talking about would work great as well! I’m never apposed to changing up a design to see if something else works better.


    5 days ago

    Beginner here. I've been wanting to make frames and this will help immensely!
    Thank you for sharing.

    1 reply

    5 days ago

    Thank you for sharing your idea with those of us who enjoy learning new or easier techniques to work the work. Have a great day. Be safe.

    1 reply

    Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind comment. I really appreciate the support! You have a good one as well!