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Introduction: Simple DIY Motion Nightlight

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Motion sensors can be used for so many things, but having one where and when you need it makes it more than just another toy. With this instructable now you will be able to make one that is simple and inexpensive for wherever you need them and you can easily make it in a weekend as a quick project. I made this one for a small bathroom so when you walk in it lights up so you can see without using the overhead lighting.

Step 1: Parts

Being simple and inexpensive means keeping the component count and programming time down, so for this project you only need:

a simple case or box - I used an old frame, cleaned it up and added a printed top

a PIR motion sensor

Arduino (Nano for cost)

(2) inexpensive 12v LED strip (I got these 4 for $9 on Amazon)

Power cable (12v for the LEDs)


Power barrel

Step 2: Assembly

Assembling is pretty straightforward, so set aside 1-2 hours and you'll be done.

Secure the relay, Arduino and power barrel to the case.
Attach power wires from the power barrel to: relay (center position) and Arduino VIN.

Attach ground wires from the power barrel to: LED1, LED2, Arduino

Attach power, ground and data from Arduino to: both the PIR motion sensor and relay

- Notice you need (2) 5v power feeds, plan accordingly if not using a PCB

Attach power wires from the relay (NO - usually on the left) to: LED1 and LED2

That’s all the wiring, load the program, apply some paint or stain, and secure the loose parts with glue. Your done! To make it look complete, make some frames and attach as covers as needed.

Step 3: Conclusion

Night lights can be placed anywhere but with a motion sensor you can light a path or area just by walking in. Bathrooms, closets or just as a room entry device (maybe a dark foyer) make great places to slide one in and use when needed. With these little inexpensive boxes you can really just put them everywhere!
Hope you enjoyed the quick project. If you liked it, leave me a comment, if you make one post a picture.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    just missing code from what I see. also it turns on during motion..... how long til it turns off after motion stops?


    3 years ago

    can we calibrate? the distance of motion sensor


    Reply 3 years ago

    see comment above. Missed the reply button...thanks.


    3 years ago

    it can be calibrated, I set mine to 6 feet but then glued it into the case because I knew where it was going. If it changes then that is a good average distance.