Simple DIY Solder Fume Extractor





Introduction: Simple DIY Solder Fume Extractor

About: Hello! I'm Matt and I love making things. I'm always thinking of new ideas and how to make them as awesome as possible, always with a mind to share the process online. Take a look at my profile and see if th...

In this video instructable, Matt shows how to make a solder fume extractor - a definite must if you ever do any soldering!



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    8 Discussions

    Love it, will try this one. Thanks!

    does the thickness of the carbon filter matter? I am looking for some an i only see some 1/4 inch thick.

    This looks like a great and simple extractor! I need to make one of these to try to save a few of my remaining brain cells...

    Hey, just a bit of written instruction--or even a couple of steps with photos--would be an excellent addition to accompany your videos. Just a thought! :)