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Introduction: Simple DIY Wreath (Christmas)

Having a warm and inviting home is important to most. When someone walks up to your front door to visit, you hope that they feel welcomed and invited into the home. Curb appeal can do this, and part of that could be decorating your front door. That is why in this step by step guide, I will walk you through making your very own wreath. Crafting a wreath is not just good for display on your front door, but you can also hang them inside your home to give any room that warm touch.

You can design a wreath for any holiday, occasion, or just because. The possibilities are endless. This step by step is not a blueprint, because everyone will design their wreath differently. This is simply a help guide if this is your first time. First, we will need to gather supplies. The supplies listed below can be obtained at any store, such as Walmart, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, or any craft store, such as Michaels or Hobby Lobby. The supplies that I used were bought at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and Dollar General.

Things you will need and where I purchased them:

  • Wire wreath frame (any size) - Dollar Tree Yarn skein (any color, I used soft white) - Walmart
  • Tulle (any color, I used red 6” tulle) - Dollar Tree
  • Flat Marble(s) (any color, I used 1) - Dollar Tree
  • Small ornaments (any color, I used red shiny and matte) - Dollar General
  • Craft wire - Walmart
  • Battery powered LED lights - Walmart
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue - Walmart
  • Snowflake Ornaments (optional) - Walmart
  • Wire cutters (may or may not use depending on choice of supplies) - Walmart
  • Scissors - Dollar Tree
  • Pipe cleaners (Depending on materials used, these come in handy) - Dollar Tree
  • A box or rectangle object about 6”x4” (a dryer sheet box works perfect)
  • A crochet hook 6.50MM - size K - Walmart

Once you have your supplies gathered, make sure you have plenty of space to work. Things can get a little messy. I prefer working at my kitchen table because it’s big enough to spread out, close enough to the kitchen when a drink is needed (wine is my preferred choice), and right next to the stereo so I can listen to good tunes while crafting.

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Step 1: The Start

Put your wire wreath frame and skein of yarn in front of you on your working surface. These are the first two things you will need. Take the end of your yarn, any color you choose, and tie a basic knot around one of the vertical wires holding the three rings together. You want to tie the knot closest to the outside of the wire wreath. It is okay if it slides down a little. This will be covered when you finish wrapping the frame.

Step 2: Keep on Moving

Once you have your knot tied, you are ready to start wrapping. This is a timely process, so take a break if needed. Begin wrapping the skein of yarn around all three rings, covering completely. You do not want to do this too tightly because it will distort the frame out of its round shape. I myself learned this the hard way. This process will use about ¾ of the skein, so it is best to use a new one.

Step 3: Wrapping It Up

After you complete the timely task of wrapping your wreath frame with your choice of yarn, you will set the frame aside for the time being. Your hands are probably tired. Take a break. Get a glass of wine. Listen to your favorite song, because we are starting the process of embellishing your beautiful wreath. Take the dryer sheet box, or rectangle object of your choice and tulle color you have chosen and place them in front of you. Take another sip of wine. Now, you will take your tulle and begin wrapping it around the shortest side. Keep wrapping until your roll of tulle is about half gone. You will do this twice, depending on the total amount of tulle that is on the spool. Your tulle strips will be about 4” in length when you are finished. Once the wrapping had been completed, take your craft wire and secure the tulle onto the box by wrapping it around the long side in the middle and securing it together by twisting the ends. This will prevent the tulle from going everywhere before you are finished cutting. Once you have the craft wire in place, take your scissors and cut along both side of the box. This will give you two sides of 4” strips of tulle. Once they are cut, it will look like a giant puffball has eaten your box of dryer sheets. Do not panic! You will get the dryer sheets back. Reward yourself with another drink of wine.

Step 4: Tulle Time

Now that you have a giant puffball eating your dryer sheet box, you will bring out your crochet hook and your wrapped wreath frame and place them in front of you. Feel free to have another sip of wine. Before starting the following steps, make sure you plug in your glue gun. We only need it for a bit, unless you plan on gluing your ornaments on. Please make sure the glue gun is placed in a safe location and unable to be knocked down. As great as hot glue is, the cobwebs it creates when it gets everywhere is not fun to clean up. Select a spot on your wreath you would like to place your tulle bow. I chose to have it at the 8 o’clock location on my wreath. You will being by grabbing a single piece of tulle and folding it in half. You will feed the tulle though the yarn, and then proceed to take your crochet hook and grab the loop that was made when you folded your piece of tulle in half. Place the two loose end of the tool in the hook and pull through the loop. This will create a secure knot holding your tulle in place. Keep doing this process until you are happy with the size of the section. Best advice I can give is start from the inner circle and work your way out. In the end, you will a section that goes from the inside of the wreath frame to the outer edge. This will create the start of your bow.

Step 5: Part the Tulle River

After you have completed step four and have your section, separate your tulle section into two even parts, or uneven if you’re feeling feisty and different. Remember where the middle is. You will take your pipe cleaner and cut it into thirds. You will only need ⅓ of it. Place the pipe cleaner through the center to separate the left and right sides of the tulle section. Secure it in the back. This will give you a base for your marble.

Step 6: Glue Time

Now that your pipe cleaner has separated your tulle into a left and right side, you will take ONE flat marble (probably not what they are really called, but that’s what they look like to me), any color you chose, and your hot glue gun. Be safe. The glue is hot and does not feel good against skin (yes, I know you know this, but I have to make sure to put in safety precautions). You will put a dab of hot glue on the flat side of the marble and place it on the pipe cleaner, adding a little pizzazz to your bow.

Step 7: Such a Beautiful Bow

To finish the look of the bow, take two pieces of tulle, and on the bottom middle of your tulle bow, simply tie the tulle to make your tails to your bow.

Step 8: Embellish It, Own It

Now that your wreath is looking fabulous, take out your ornaments. Most ornaments have eyelets on them where you can place hooks to hang them. No hooks needed for this step. Your eyelets will secure the ornaments to the wreath. What you will need to do is pull off the the cap of the ornament, including the eyelet. You will separate the eyelet from the cap and feel the eyelet through the yarn on your wreath frame and then reconnect the eyelet to the cap, and then the cap to the ornament. This will hold them in place. Place your ornaments in the places you want them. I personally used 12 of them around my wreath frame. You can add as many or as few as you would like. This is also when you can add any other embellishments to your wreath to make it yours. Your glue gun can and will come in handy for any additional decorations you wish to add.

Step 9: The Light of My Life

Congratulations. You are almost finished! In this step, you will be adding your LED lights. Now, since you have wrapped your frame with the yarn, there is a hollow space for your light to sit in. You can now thread your lights into the frame as you wish. Once you finish putting your lights in place, your best bet is to place the battery pack on the bottom of the wreath, exactly opposite of where you will hang you wreath from.

Step 10: Don't Whine About It, Wine About It!

The most fun of all steps. Hang your wreath and show it proudly! Crank up your music, put your feet up, and drink that much deserved glass of wine. You have earned it!

Now, in all seriousness, you have successfully completed a very basic and simple wreath. The building blocks are the same for any style you choose to do. The possibilities are endless. If you are anything like me, I love to craft. I also love a beautiful home. Something as simple as a wreath can add an appeal to your home and make it pop like no other home on the block.

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