Simple DSLR Rig Counter Weight

Introduction: Simple DSLR Rig Counter Weight

Have you got a shoulder rig for video with your DSLR Camera? Do you find that it is still a bit shaky? A counterweight like this will reduce the shake. It is simple and cheap to make, whereas proper shoulder rig counterweights could run you hundreds of pounds (or euros/dollars, whatever your currency is) and chances are you have the parts lying around or you can purchase for very cheap.

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Step 1: Parts You Will Need

Firstly, I apologise for the slightly blurry photos. I am still getting used to my GoPro and my shed is a little dark in the evenings this time of year.

Parts you will need:

An old BMX 'peg' or 'stunt peg', you know, the ones you use for grinding rails, the heavier the better

A bolt that fits in the peg hole and fits the threads on your shoulder rig (or you can drill a hole in the end of a rail and tap it to the right thread)

Various washers

A nut the same as the threads on the bolt


Spray paint



Step 2: Assembly

Firstly, put the bolt through the hole so the thread sticks out of the end and the head is seated in the peg

Next, add various washers and nuts to space/add weight and secure the bolt on the peg. Tighten up with a socket

Surprisingly, it is ready to use.

Note: Use a longer bolt and more washers to achieve desired weight, and you can even add little steel weights you can pick up cheap and drill a hole in them to slide over the bolt.

Step 3: Spray Paint and Use

You should now have a simple and cheap DSLR Rig counterweight, ready to use!

This is not by any way a perfect solution, but it works well provided it is the right weight, and you can experiment with different weights/washers to achieve the perfect weight.

Hope this has helped you!

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