Simple Decorative Batman Light!

Make Batman light of old things! It's perfect decoration for your room at night!

Step 1: Need!

You need this things:

  1. Toiletpaperroll
  2. x1Whitepapersheet
  3. LED
  4. 3Vbattery
  5. Clip

And this tools:

  1. Pencil
  2. Tape
  3. Scissors
  4. Knife
  5. Blackmarker
  6. Calipers

Step 2: Flow Rate!

  1. Define roll
  2. Define higher circuit
  3. Mark bulging
  4. Draw and colour Batman logo

Step 3: Cut and Fold!

Cut Batman logo. Then fold protruding parts and tape it on roll!

Step 4: Cut!

Mark dots as show in the pictures! Then with knife cut as show in the picture!

Step 5: Clip!

Insert clip as show in the picture! This may require pliers!

Step 6: LED!

Preparing LED!

Connect battery + to LED +, then battery - to LED -. Now tape it!

Step 7: Insert LED!

Snap on LED to clip as show in the picture!

Step 8: Done!

Your Batman light DONE! This is a great decoration for your room at night!

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