Simple Disc Golf Bag




Introduction: Simple Disc Golf Bag

Here are instructions to make a simple bag to carry your essentials while playing a game of disc golf; a few discs and a water bottle (or if you're like me a nice big beer!).

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need

- Heavy duty fabric, I used denim.
- Thread appropriate for your fabric, I used a #80 polyester.
- Industrial Sewing Machine
- *Scrap of leather
- *Laser Cutter

* If you want a name patch.

Step 2: Cutting Your Pattern

I made my strap 2" with, so cut 4 1/2" wide strip the desired length of your shoulder strap plus 36" (that will be the boarder of your bag)

Cut another piece 36" x 12", this will be the main compartment of you bag, I chose to use a different color of fabric, but it's obviously up to you. You can use one of your discs to trace an appropriate french curve at one of the 12" side's corners for the bag's closing flap. Cutting all of this to these dimensions gives you a fair amount of wiggle room as far a seam allowance, I tried to keep mine at a 1/4".

Cut one more piece 9" x 6", this is your H2O / PBR holster.

Step 3: Making Your Shoulder Strap

With the good side of the fabric folded on itself, sew the length of you're soon to be strap.

Turn right-side out. Warning, this may take some time and cause mild arthritis, be patient.

Iron flat with seam centered.

Sew each length with 1/4" from edge.

Fold ends over and iron flat, then sew 'em.

Step 4: Prepping the Bottle Holder and Bag Farbric

Fold over 1/4" of the 6" edge of the fabric, iron flat and sew. This will be the top of your bottle holder.

Fold in half, good side in, with 9" edges touching. Sew bottom of bottle holder closed with a 1/4" seam allowance. Then turn right-side out.

Iron and Sew the 12" edge (without the curve) of your 12" x 36" fabric.

Step 5: Assembling and Attaching

Pin the 9" edges of your bottle holder fabric to the seam side of your strap followed by one of 36" edges of your bag panel (good side facing out toward bottle holder). Use the end of the edge near the 12" side you just finished sewing. This is creating half of the front panel of your bag.

Sew these pieces together down the strap, continue by sewing 2" of your bag fabric (perpendicularly to the edge you just sewed) along the width of the strap. This will create the bottom of your disc carrying pocket or main compartment. Then pin and sew the fabric up the strap, stop when parallel with the front panel you already sewed it.

Run the strap along the bottom of the bag and pin up the opposite side. I left the bottom loose to hang a jacket or sweatshirt off of.

If you have excess strap material you can fold and sew it on to itself to create another loop to hang something else from.

Repeat sewing sides to strap, be careful to avoid the excess "strap loop" if it applies.

Turn bag right side out.

Step 6:

You can finish the flap by cutting a 2" wide piece of fabric the length of the flaps edge.

Prepare the same way you did the shoulder strap. Pin and sew to the inside of flap first. Then fold to outside, iron, and sew.

Your bag is almost complete!

Step 7: Adding Patch

Create your vector art or text.

Place leather in laser cutter and etch your design, logo, or name.

Position on bag and attach.

Step 8: Go Play a Game of Disc Golf

You're done. Go play the best game of disc golf of your life thanks to your new custom disc bag.

Unfortunately it's raining here, so you get a backdrop of my kitchen floor with a water bottle instead of beer:(

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    Awesome! It looks like it would make a great picnic bag too (holding plates and what not)!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    The place to find all of the necessary equipment and space to make this if you don't have it at home is TechShop, there is one located at 926 Howard St. San Francisco in the SoMa district.