Simple Diy Vacuum Pump (diaphragm)




This is what you are going to need for this project, if you can, please vote if this instructable is in a contest and if you have project ideas or questions please put them in the comments, thank you and i hope you would enjoy this instructable :)

Step 1: Making the Diaphragm Chamber...

In the pictures above you can see the steps in making the diaphragm:

First, cut the chamber at the size you want, it does not have to be exact, 10cm would work just fine.

Then, get some rubberised washers <<i know this is not the correct form>>, washers with rubber or something soft on one side so that it doesn't scratch the membrane.

After that use the image in wich you see the screw, membrane, washer and nut (by the way, use an extra rubber washer between the screw head and the membrane).

Cut the glove without the fingers and put a single screw in it (not two like you see in the picture because it is gonna break the membrane sooner).

And finally, zip-tie it to the chamber (or use rubber bands or both).

Step 2: Get Those Valves Working

In this step you just need to add two valves that suck the air and one that pushes it.

Then just seal them with hot glue or epoxy.

Side note: do this before you add the membrane...

Step 3: Assemble the Gear...

Take a piece of plastic and a gear and glue them together.

After that, drill a hole like you see in the picture and trim the excess plastic from the wheel so that it is a nice circle.

Step 4: Get That Motor Going...

Glue the gear to the axis of the motor, and glue the motor to the pvc cap, glue the pvc cap on a piece of wood.

Step 5: Rise and Connect...

Put a piece of plastic (a plastic cap in this case) under the membrane chamber so that the bolt of the chamber is at the same level with the axis of the motor.

Then bend that strong wire at an end and put it inside the hole.

Step 6:

Bend the other end of the wire like you see here and connect it with the screw betweed the nut from the washer and

the nut from the end.

Step 7: Finish It..

Now, just connect the wire from the chamber to the motor and power it !

Thank you for reading this instructable!



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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    This is a great project, skateboarders who like to do their own builds often need a vacuum source for laminating the body, this is a nice inexpensive solution as well as other applications I'm sure, well done!

    6 replies

    Reply 3 years ago

    Yes, but they probably need a better one. I m using an old Fridge compressor for that purpose. It can do about -0.9 Bar, when everything is in good conditions. When there are some leaks and it just get to ~ 0.6 most of the boards are not as expected and mostly crap...
    But I don't know, maybe this one can work for that purpose, I really want to build it(No time atm). I can do some measurements than. Does the creator already has done some measurements? Or any practicle usage?

    Ene SIlvianSchotte

    Reply 3 years ago

    Your pump is more reliable and powerful than mine but this is what you can do in a matter of hours, with things you have around the house, i use mine as a vaccum pump for a vacuum filtration apparatus and it works quite well, as it needs better valves to upgrade the suction power...

    Where did you get your compressor ?

    SchotteEne SIlvian

    Reply 3 years ago

    I salvaged mine from an old fridge. I found mine on a side similar to craigslist for 1€. The fridge was garbage and smelled already, but that does not matter for me.

    If you want to use one yourself you need to modify it because the temperature sensor is not wanted. You might need to set up some fans (I m using some pc fans) to cool it. It gets pretty hot when it runs 24h (epoxy needs some time to get hard).

    There are some examples on Instructables on modifing one.

    Ene SIlvianSchotte

    Reply 3 years ago

    I will look forward into those instructables, thanks a lot :)


    Reply 3 years ago

    My thoughts on the usage for skateboard fabrication are reflective of the lack of sophisticated tools and machinery to do a board build by young enthusiasts who may not be in a good financial position to construct a superior product, but rather one that will suffice, and sometimes that is all that is necessary to achieve a goal.