Simple Dremel Router Base for Making Inlays and Engravings.

Introduction: Simple Dremel Router Base for Making Inlays and Engravings.

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I wanted a tiny and accurate router base for making inlays and stuff like that.

Its based to Dremel circle cutting guide, i had one spare and it has nice height adjustment, so it made things much easier.

I have dremel plunge router- and circle cutting attachments too, but those didn't fit for every job i wanted to do.

Circle cutting attachment is small, but sometimes i didn't see whats happening inside it, also i wanted to route small pieces too. So, this is for those tasks.

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Step 1: Ripping Off..

Pieces are connected with two screws.

I replaced those screws with M3 threads, scre holes we're just right sized to M3.

Shortened these fingers a bit to get larger scale for the height adjustment.

Step 2: Acrylic Base..

Made the base from acryl, polished it and shaped the original frame to get better view to workpiece.

Connected parts together with M3 screws, used springs as a spacers, its easy to cut them to the suitable height, also springs make connection flexiple.

I tought that too sturdy connection might make acryl to crack, if blade jumps when hitting knots or something.

I have used it allmost a year without problems now, so i can sey it works.

Piece of tape in the routing bit blows the dust away. That actually works.

Final product has 1-5mm depth adjustment, enough for most of my doings,
and its much more precise with small objects than dremels own, or those huge stuctured plunge router attachments.

Also very quick to insert to rotary tool and remove.

I use it when routing details to wood and acryl. It also works with engavings too.

Video shows the whole process:

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