Simple Drop Snare for Small Game. SUPER SIMPLE

Introduction: Simple Drop Snare for Small Game. SUPER SIMPLE

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Step 1: What, Why, and For

So I've been looking around instructables for a good snare and haven't been able to find one. So I created this one. It is super simple and easy and designed for small game, birds, rabbits, possums, coons etc.

Step 2: Materials

About 10 feet of para cord
2 pointed support sticks
1 twig
Half a brick (or any medium sized stone
Ingraver (optional)
One small tree or sapling ( I used a low palm tree)

Step 3: Supports

Take your two support sticks and whittle one end on each of them into points. Then carve one small notch in each at the same level. After this place them about 1.5 inches deep in the ground about 8 inches apart.

Step 4: Pressure Plate ( Trigger )

Take your twig and cut it into size so that it is about the same length across as you placed the supports. Then make each end look like a flathead screwdriver. Now make sure it fits snugly inbetween the two supports in its notches

Step 5: Weight

When I did this I used my engraver to make a line all around the brick so the rope didn't slip of I would do this or you can drill a hole through it to attach the rope to it.

Step 6: Line

However you decided to attach your cord to your weight do it now. Now take your cord and loop it over a low branch above your supports and trigger. Now pull on the cord until your stone is about 4-5 feet off the ground. Then attach the stone free end to your trigger and make it so the trigger doesn't come off the supports while your tieing it to the trigger.

Step 7: The Death Sentence

Now make a slip knot and attach the free end to the rope above the trigger and balance the slip knot on the trigger mechanism.

Step 8: When It Goes Off

When it goes off the animals head will be caught in the slip knot and it will be hung above the ground being killed by suffocation.

Step 9:

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    3 Discussions


    6 years ago

    Well done. Tho a pulley of sorts would make sure the weight fall, or even some sort of lubricant. I use wire on the catch loop. If the critter isn't hung by the neck, it may chew its way free. But very well done.


    6 years ago

    If anything is unclear plz tell me and I'll update asap