Simple Duct Tape Bookmark

All that is needed for this project is a piece of chipboard (cardboard), your favorite designed duct tape, and some embroidery floss.

Step 1: Assembly

5 Easy steps

1. Cut chipboard to 1 1/4 inchs x 6 inchs.

2. Sandwich the chipboard between 2 pieces of duct tape.

3. Trim duct tape. Leave 1/8 inch of duct tape around the outside of the chipboard so the glue side of the tape will stick together.

4. Punch a hole through the duct tape and chip board.

5. For the tassel I cut 4 - 7 inch lengths of brown floss and 3 - 7 inch lengths of tan floss. I folded the floss in half and tucked the fold through the hole in the bookmark and then the loose ends of the floss through the loop created. Pull it tight.

Step 2: Finish Product

That's it. Keep It Simple!



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