Simple Earbud Life-hack (in 10 or Less Seconds)

Introduction: Simple Earbud Life-hack (in 10 or Less Seconds)

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The Back Story (inspired by the Legend on each of Newman's Own Venetian-Style Marinara Pasta sauces) : School for 7 hours...enervated...narcoleptic... pull out earbuds to rockout and relax, find tangled & knotted...(insert cursing)!  Take two hands- attempt to untangle the mess created by pockets...becomes upstairs to workshop to use pliers to ameliorate the damage done - no luck!  DARN IT!  Lie down on bed, blast Offspring ... visions of You're Gonna Go Far, Kid...musical pioneers bewitch my senses, bewitch, talks...THE HOT 100!  Dash to desk and grab pushpin...Nice work you did, You’re gonna go far, kid...prepare the pin...ready the wall...ditto the finally untangled earbuds...yeah, year...Wonderful! Awesome! Rad! Cool! Take pictures of the set up!...share with people online...ah, can finally enjoy music without tangled earbuds!©-Jamesabt007 Astemoi

The original story that provided inspiration: Working 12 hour days … wrecked … hungry … arrive home, deserted by wife and children … cursing! Scan the cupboard – one package spaghetti … one bottle marinara sauce … run to the kitchen, cook – junk! YUK! Lie down, snooze … visions of culinary delights … Venetian ancestor tickles my ear, tickle, tickle … sauce talk … MAMA MIA! Dash to the vegetable patch … Yum yum … boil water … activate spaghetti … ditto the sauce … slurp, slurp … Terrifico! Magnifico! Slurp! Caramba! Bottle the sauce! Share with guys on street car … ah, me, finally immortal!© - P. Loquesto Newman

All you will need to do this is a pushpin and a wall.

I keep this by the door of my room so when I am waking up in the morning and getting ready to go out, I grab it and go.

After a few nights of keeping the new buds in this way, they will be straightened and nice!

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