Simple Easy Orginizing

Introduction: Simple Easy Orginizing

This is how i organized all of my wires, heat sinks, speakers, motor, ect.  While recycling boxes that would have otherwise been thrown away.

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Step 1: Steps

-Find Boxes
-Orginize Materials

Step 2: Materials

-Whatever your orginizing

Step 3: Find Boxes

Boxes can be found just about everywhere beacuse they're used so much to ship items.  Places to find them includes
-stores that sale them
-You work gets deliverys then needs to dispose of shipping materials
-Trash (if your deperate)

mine was from our trash luckily they wern't ruined

Step 4: Fix Up

Cut off the tape that held the box closed if any is dangling off.

Step 5: Label and Done

Now grab the sharpie or whatever you used and label whats in each box.

After all this you've done the most simple instructable on this website

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    4 Discussions


    Bahaha...... looks very familiar. I've got four identical boxes (don't have one for my heat sinks - I don't have that many). The way I see it, materials/parts are destined to be used. Why spend time and energy sculpting ornate storage bins for temporal junk? I build shelves/cabinets/dressor-esque- things for my tools, but I plan on having them indefinitely, and their quantity/volume does not vary to the extent that (in particular) my scrap wire supply does. Boxes are pretty freakin adaptable.

    LDW- who carrs if te auther mispeled a cupple woards? They maid there point: their is valuu in efishent easy FREE storige to peeple who arr moor focussed on creating thin soarting parts endlesslie.

    And get this: they spent less time creating and documenting their solution to a common problem than you did criticizing their presentation. Ha ha.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is how i orginized my comment, ect. i terned of mi spelchekker.