Simple, Easy Slingshot Catch Box

Introduction: Simple, Easy Slingshot Catch Box

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The idea behind this catch box is to be light and portable, but also storage-able. It's made out of office materials mostly so supplies is easy to come by, you may have everything you need around the house already! With that said, this box isn't meant for big powerful slingshots. It will support lighter bands. I'm shooting at it with an Axiom Poly Champion with 5/16 steel balls. Most likely it can take 3/8 steel balls with light bands (I'm not using so light of bands meant for kids as I have standard gold bands on from SimpleShot).


- Mailing box like the one I have from Shutterfly

- A short length of cordage (paracord, doesn't matter).

- 2 paper clips

- Thin-long rubber band

- Some cloth/rag

- Scissors/cutting utensil

- Pen

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Step 1: Do This

Okay so you got stuff and your mailing box like this one. Fold it like the pictures I have and it begins to resemble a catch box. Mark out two slits to cut so the box flaps wedge into them, holding the box into that catch box shape. Cut the slits first, or don't. Heh. After the slits, cut out the face of the box where the slits are to shoot into (duh). The cutout shape is up to you, I was going for a triangle but ended up with a shield... because I suck at cutting cardboard.

Step 2: Do That

It should fold like this. Now what you want to do is get some cloth and size it up to the inside of the box, then cut that shit out! Get your paracord (cordage) measure it across the top of the box. Now you got your length, hang (I folded the cloth over the cord) your cloth on the cord and see how it fits inside. It should cover the face and backing of the inside as to catch the ammo. Make sure it doesn't hang too low, make it a tight hang.

Make some knots at the end of your cordage and run your paper clips through them. Now hang it from the top of the box. Connect the rubber band to the paper clips top side so it pulls the paper clips so that they do not come loose and slip off.
Optionally, you can put some duct-tape on the backing inside the box to reinforce the cardboard.

Step 3: Profit

There you go! Simple, easy, and fold-able! No need for a catch box to just leave around. You can take this apart and store it away for next time :)

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