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Introduction: Simple & Fun Table Mod

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This is a simple and affordable way to spice up any table. It's also a great way to explore the creative side with kids as they can participate in the decoration. But don’t be limited to just glitter. Almost anything can be sealed into the glassy surface! Explore a little and use your imagination!

I did this for my little girl because she loves to color and do crafts on this table. So I figured it would be a nice project we could do together.

We had a lot of fun spreading out the glitter and it's something we will always remember. But as always, be safe and follow all safety guidelines.

Step 1: Supplies & Cost

Supplies needed:


Epoxy Resin



Rubbing Alcohol


Heat Gun

Masking Tape


Epoxy Resin $23

Glitter $3

Total $26

I already had most of the supplies so the only things I needed to buy were the epoxy and glitter, making this project only $26 to complete!

Step 2: Sand and Wipe Clean

Lightly sand over the surface with 200 grit sandpaper. This creates a textured surface for the resin to bond to. Once that is done, use rubbing alcohol to thoroughly clean the surface.

Step 3: Level the Table

Leveling the table helps the resin settle evenly across the table. You may need to place tissue paper under one of the legs but mine came out pretty good after rotating the table a little bit.

Step 4: Tape the Edges

This acts as a boarder for the resin to stop against. Some people like to coat the sides as well and will allow the resin to spill over the edge and sand off the drips after they've dried. I chose to keep it simple by only doing the top surface.

Step 5: Prep the Epoxy

Follow the instructions included in the box but usually there involves the mixing of resin and a hardener. The product I used required 2-stage mixing. At the end of the second stage I added the glitter just before pouring it all over the table. The mixture is self-leveling, to a point, but it's important to spread out the resin as evenly as possible.

Step 6: Filling in the Gaps

At this time we started "filling in the holes" where glitter didn't quite spread evenly. My girl really loved this part since she dictated where everything went.

I ended up doing a second layer of epoxy to help cover up some of the glitter poking through the surface. Looking back I should have put glitter on the table top before adding resin, but that's okay. Like this, it has a 3D type appearance that is pretty cool.

There should be around 30-40 mins where you can still play around with the objects before the epoxy starts to harden.

Step 7: Heat Gun

At high heat blow over the surface of the wet resin to help expel any air bubbles suspended in the fluid. This should be done within about 30-40 mins of pouring it over the table.

Alternative tools used for this step could be a butane burner or a hair dryer set to high heat.

Step 8: Enjoy!!

I hope you liked this project and felt moved to do something of your own!

Please vote for me in the table contest if you feel so inspired.

Thanks for reading!!

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