Simple & Effective Art Work Hanger

Introduction: Simple & Effective Art Work Hanger

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Displaying art work is a staple for any art educator.  I've always been bothered when I hang art and I put holes in children's work whether its small holes from staples or pins.  It just makes me crazy.  Then the idea hit me to use clothing pins with thumb tacks glued to the back.  Making it movable for the size of the art work, minimal coverage over the art and best of all, no holes!

This instuctable will show you the how to and the results of this art work saver!

Step 1: Materials Needed

Wooden Clothespins
Thumb Tacks
Spray Paint Color of your choice
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Glitter (optional)

Step 2: Spray Paint

Leaving the clothing pens on the cardboard holder they come with, spray paint the top of the wooden pens.  You will need to give it a couple of coats.  Let it dry then spray again.

Once one side is complete and dry flip it over and repeat on the other side.

Step 3: Bling It!

Now, if you want some bling to your clips, when you spay the second side, spay it heavily on the clothing pens.  Then, take glitter and sprinkle it onto the wet spray paint. 

Our school colors are red and blue, so I decided this set would get the school color bling.

To ensure they stick, you can then put a clear coat of spray paint on the top once the paint and glitter dry.

Step 4: Tack It On

Once everything is drry and you are happy with your paint coat you can put on your tack.  Now, because I get a little impatient, you will notice my back black coat is not the best., however since it's going be facing the wall, I decided it would be ok.

Put a dot of hot glue on the clothing pen, then set the tack on.

Once the tack is secure you can ad a little more hot glue around the outside to ensure it stays in place.

Step 5: Placement

Once your glue is dry its time to hang.  These work great for bulletin boards and the cork strips found around schools.  Once you have them where you need them you simply press on the clip to open it up and place the art work in. 

Step 6: Time to Hang!

Tada!  You are all done.  Now for big boards and some art, I use plain black clips so they do not distract from the work.  However, sparkle is also fun, I DO wok for an elementary school after all. :)  Some of the teachers in the building loved my idea so much they have made their own and hang the children's wok from my room outside of their rooms on their cork strips.

The best part, you do not ruin art work.  Granted not all elementary art work is meant to be archival, however, this will work for art work of any ages and even other papers.  Making it easy as well to leave out in the hall or quickly removing and putting new work up!

Step 7: Poofrabbit's Tips and Tricks

  • You can hand paint these with acrylic paint vs spray paint.
  • If you want to just use glitter and you don't mind the wood look, simply put glue on the clip and glitter away.
  • You can make several sets of these.  I have black, glitter and white so I can use what will distract the least from the work I'm hanging.
  • If you just want to use clips, you can use the wooden clip and hot glue on the thumb tack.  You could also use plastic.
  • Want to use this on your white board or fridge??  Glue a magnet on instead.

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