Simple & Effective Organization/Modification: Reflecting IR Light From Remote to TV




Introduction: Simple & Effective Organization/Modification: Reflecting IR Light From Remote to TV

I could have made a full instructable about this but it's fairly easy to grasp from a couple of photos. I have an LCD TV to which I have connected Cable TV, my PC, mac laptop, and Wii. A great solution to my lack of desk space was using Velcro to affix my different remotes to the side of my filing cabinet/side table, but that's not all.

Since I have so many input devices hooked into the TV (and a lack of picture in picture), I found myself often switching between inputs, and therefore constantly needing the TV remote within reach, either on the desk right in front of the TV, or somewhere close by. This slideshow shows you how to use a piece of burnished aluminum foil tape, or mirrored Mylar to reflect the invisible IR light used by your remote, directly to the TV every time, while maintaining its ever-so-lovely location hanging on the side of whatever surface you desire.

I no longer have to clutter my desk space with the remote, and I don't have to worry about aiming it at the TV. The tape does all the work! I tried to use the least amount of bends in my piece of tape for structure and aesthetics. I took a little bit of fiddly bending to get it consistently receiving the signal, but once it works, boy does it work. I also cut some sewing pins short, filed them to a point, and placed them strategically in my most used buttons, so I can navigate by touch. I hope this helps!

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    For me, there are plain just lots of mirrors around our room(s), so in case something is blocking the receiver, aim for the mirror! Although walls painted white do somewhat reflect IR.