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Introduction: Simple Electric Motor

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Building a simple electric motor with magnet wire, a D cell battery, two safety pins, some nail polish, and a rubber band.



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    2 years ago


    not to rain on ur parade or anything, but adding nail polish may keep tha safety pins from connecting to tha wire. but its pretty cool anyway   :)

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    Yes that is the point. You add nail polish to half the conductor so the circuit opens for every half rotation and the electric field collapses. That way the coil doesn't slow down from the magnet. It would slow down because as it rotates it's orientation changes and the opposing poles start distancing while the similar poles start approaching each other resulting in an opposing force.

    Is it possible to use alternating current to make it work? If not, how do you make the simplest AC motor? Regards.

    any idea on what kind of power it can make? I am trying to build a small car-like thing and wondering if this would work. obviously I would have to shrink the battery and the screw possibly, but I think it is possible. any clues?

    yeh i know this thing very simple.who has posted this instructables is just a beginer i challenge!!

    People, just read the PDF!

    words were very hard 2 read then when u zoom in it gets all blurry

    i had to change my id