Simple Electric Rocking Novelty

A very simple electric rocking novelty or toy. Just a length of copper wire, a AA battery, a magnet, and some BluTac.

Bend some of the wire into a flat coil and a frame for the swing and a loop to hold the battery and making contact to the battery at one end.

In the middle of the swing frame remove the insulation.

Use another short length of copper wire to make the swing. One end will hold the magnet using BluTac. If you bend a short 'L' shape at the end it helps hold the BluTac. The middle is wrapped round the swing frame several times, not too tight as it needs to swing freely. The other end needs to be adjusted so it just makes contact with the battery.

Main Components
Copper wire 1.5mm conductor
1.5 volt battery AA
Neodymium magnet (other magnets may work too)

Main Tools
Pliers to help bend the wire



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    7 Discussions

    Hi rimar2000, do you mean on this toy or just how long does the battery charge last?
    If the toy is set up correctly so it only makes brief contact it should last for hours, but if you let it rest in contact without rocking it will quickly discharge as it is a very low resistance circuit and could easily overheat. It is almost a full short circuit.
    The battery I was using is 800 mAH according to the writing on the casing.

    I asked because years ago I did a battery activated "neurons reactivator" prank toy, that provided an interesting electrical shock when you lifted it from the table. But the problem was that the battery suffered a lot, it lasted very little, despite the contact was only an instant. Thanks for your response.

    GrandadIsAnOldManPat Pending

    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you Pat Pending, I was pleased with it's simplicity. It could easily be improved but I wanted to show it in it's simplest form.