Simple Exercise at Work!

I love to be active and I exercise as often as I can for several reasons. While at work, since I'm currently office bound, I desire the need to be more active but I have to be at my desk or else! I recently ordered a hand grip exerciser from Amazon and I love using it throughout the day to break the monotony.

Here is how I perform basic yet rewarding exercises at work.

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Step 1: The Hand Grip Exerciser.

This unit cost me 12USD and it is adjustable to 4 levels. I love it since depending on my energy level I can adjust to give an optimum workout while sitting at my desk.

Initially when received the knob on the top has to be turned fully right to allow the spring to be free for adjustment.

Step 2: The Correct Technique.

Ok I start with how to hold the exerciser. Easy enough and a no brainer. Next I show the wrong ways to hold the unit. If you exercise in those positions you WILL injure yourself. The correct way is to have the wrist straight and in line with the forearm. This is the natural way for the body to perform a grip.

I typically perform 40 reps per hand and then hold the grip closed for half a minute after each set.

Step 3: Sweet Rewards!

Having your body tweaked as per your desires is the greatest feeling in the world. I hope this has encouraged you folks to be active even while sitting at a desk. Be safe and stay strong!

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