Simple Fall Collage

Introduction: Simple Fall Collage

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This is super simple and cute way to trap fall in a frame. It also makes a great gift for nature lovers too!
All you need is:
A page from an old book (I pick a page out of a dictionary)
A frame (I got mine from a thrift store for $0.90!!!)
Some pretty leaves
Piece of cardboard or card stock or some thickish type of paper
First trace the size of the frame on a piece of the cardboard. Cut it out now!
Next take that frame sized piece of cardboard and trace it onto a age of the old book. Now cut out the page of the old book.
Next, grab your ModPodge and ModPodge the book page to your cardboard. Then add the leaves and ModPodge over them too! You can arrange the leaves however you want.
Now this part is important... LET IT DRY!!! Once dried stick it into your frame. Super simple and easy gift!

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