Simple Fan





Introduction: Simple Fan

This a quick and easy way to make a little desktop or project fan with some parts most of you probably have laying around

Step 1: Misenplace

The List:
PC fan 5-12v
Project box
On OFF switch (your choice what style i went with toggle)
Power adapter (pref 5-12v)

Not shown:
Electrical tape
Power drill

Soldering iron
Heatshrink tubing

Step 2: Prep the Project Box

There are three holes that need to put into this box.

First is on the top for the switch
2nd and 3rd on either end for the wires to go in and out of

Step 3: Choose Your Fan and Adapter

For this I had a 12v PC fan kicking around as well as a 5v cell phone charger. Now the reason i did it this way was that with the full 12v the fan was a bit louder then I wanted it to be as it was going to be sitting right next to me at work, but even though its only 5v it still pushes the air enough for the desired breeze. feel free to try different voltages, just dont exceed what the fan's input voltage is.

Step 4: Run Your Wires

Now you'll notice that the wires on the switch are soldered this was done on another project and you'll not fine anything else solidered on this, it would be better to do it that way, but I didn't want to. you'll also notice the red and black wire, this fan will not work at all if wired backwards so its a bood idea to makesure what wire's what before going too much further. In the next picture i have all the wires twisted together, going in this order:

ac adapter + to the switch
+ (red wire) from the fan to the other switch terminal
and - (black wire) to the negative wire on the ac adapter

now on most ac adapters there is some identifing mark on the + wire that gives it away on this one there is a gray dash, if your not sure direct connect to the fan before you start wiring


Step 5: TEST

Always check to makesure that the system is working before you close up the box. This will save frustration in the end. If it spins great if ot go back and check your connection.

Step 6: Finish

Close up the box, secure your switch and enjoy a cool breese



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    10 Discussions

    i am using my fan conversion for my growbox to start my plants growing in the winter. which would be better for a small place the fan you have shown or the double fan that goes in xbox 360? the xbox fans are much smaller they both are 12 v dc, and the plug adapter is 9 v. old ac adapter class 2 transformer from an old house phone from south western bell.

    OK i have a fan liek this that i pulled from a Nindo gamecube...i keep trying to attach it to batteries and i cant seem to get it to work?

    I have a 12V cooling fan that came from a pretty old chipset cooling system. This one doesn't say what each wire is, and it has 3 wires: red, blue, and black, in that order from left to right. I want to use it but I'm kind of confused about it

    1 reply

    Rex would be your postive and black the negative and the blue is probabily sends the RPM info back to the pc or for possibily for lower volatge so it can be run 2 speeds but most likley for rpm's. Let me know how it all works out.

    I had to change the smps on my old computer and I remembered reading about a usb fan so I searched instructables and came upon this page. Found an old charger; used my penknife to cut the wires and joined those of the charger with that of the fan and it worked-the fan was rotating! The only problem is that the speed is too low for any practical purpose. Must think of some good use. But I'm not complaining as I would have tossed off the old smps otherwise. Thanks.

    Is it possible to run a PC in your car to circulate air. The compact fans they sell do not hold up well in the heat where I live. I figured a pc fan is more durable, and since it runs on 12 volts and less than one amp I figured it might make a good project.

    great 'ible, this was just what I was looking for :) my plants are gonna love the soft breeze flowing through their leaves _

    Cool! he he he....I wonder if you could rig a USB plug to power the fan? Or would that defeat the purpose?

    1 reply

    if it was only going to be used next to a pc it would be fine but this way it adds portability

    Cool project, i have a co-worker who has something similar at work.