Simple Fingerless Gloves

Introduction: Simple Fingerless Gloves

I saw this Instructable:  and loved it. I adapted it to fit my needs. I did not have polar fleece (but when I do make the polar fleece one's I will post a pic under that Instructable. My hands and arms were to big to fit her pattern's so I made my own with newsprint.  I will take you step by step thought what you need. It took from finding the Instructable to finished hand sewing of one glove 30 mins.

You will need scissors, a shirt you no longer with to where, needle and thread.  It will be nice if you have a cutting board (I used my mini ironing board.), a pen, a sharpie, a threader for hand needles, a pin cushion.

Step 1: Step 2

Lay out the shirt so your arm hole and long seam are where you can lay the pattern out and keep the long seam and the arm hole becomes part of the thumb hole (my glove are size xl).

Trace around with  a  sharpie color that will not bleed through when you sew in your seems.

Cut out the pattern (with lace you might want to pin down if you cut both sides at one time.. )

Step 2:

I stitched around the outside where there were not already hemmed. Then I sticked wrong sides together. When you turn it right side out it looks like this.  (I did roche or pull the stitches on one side to get it to pleat but did not on the underside of the glove. I did this while hemming up the salvage or rough edges to make a smooth edge to stitch together.)

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