Simple Game for Arduino Using Ultrasonic Sensor, Buzzer and LEDs



Watch the video for the basics then follow the instructions to replicate it.

Step 1: Set Up the Circuit

Follow the pin config. in the circuit

Step 2: Install the Code

download the file and upload to your arduino

Step 3: Play

After the start-up sequence, wave your hand within 30cm of the distance sensor when the middle green LED turns on. If your timing is right, the game will have a little party and then reset. If your timing is off, the game will buzz and turn the red LEDs on to show you failed, then reset. Use the arduino reset button to speed up the restart.

Step 4: Edit the Code

Change the timing in the code to increase or decrease difficulty and get use to using IF statements for interaction.

Step 5: Hang Out

Hang it from something and let it wobble about, then use your light saber to pass in front of the distance sensor at the right time.



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