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Introduction: Simple Generator That Can Power LED Bulb

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THIS is my first instructable so plz be kind with the comments.
Also sorry for the poor picture quality.
This is an instructable that tells you how to make a simple electric generator using only a motor, LED bulb and a wheel.
*ordinary electric motor
*LED bulb (not a blue or white LED.ANY other color is fine)
*and a wheel(preferably a smaller one.)
1. Attach the wheel to the motor. Make sure it has been fitted well.
2.Take the ends of the LED and solder them/ tape them to the terminals of the motor.
3.hold the contraption and drive it down a wall very fast.
4.The motor will act like a generator and light up the LED.
go to the following youtube link to see the generator work
the red flashes are the led switching on due to to electric power created by the generator.



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5 months ago

Nice concept.carry on, I got the answer of a very imp qstn thank u for that

I did it but didnt work even though i rotated the wheel so fast

Ohhhh my god . How can any one do this

Its fine if its your first instructable but you are very smart to demonstrate the idea that how to do that type of thing but you can possibly tell how do you do that if you don't have those exact materials

Does anyone know if you can use a small motor to charge a 9v battery to run a led light. Was wanting to power the motor off a sewing machine that would recharge battery and run the led light, Any suggestions

1 reply

Possible but the only catch is that the machine needs to turn the motor at a high rpm. if you can do that it may work. Although i'm not sure as to whether it will charge up the 9v battery properly. But it's worth a try

Great instructable. Was the generator really capable of producing enough voltage to light the LED. IT would take about 3 volts, and when I tried something like this with a motor, I couldn't get over 1v.

2 replies

i used a 6v electric motor and a low voltage red LED(that takes 1.5 volts to work).
The higher voltage motor means that with the same rpm more voltage is produced when compared to other motors.also make sure the motor you used is not a high torque motor.note that even on mine(see the youtube video)you do not always manage to light the bulb

Good instructable and good luck on future one.
Can I ask if the LED's wires have to be soldered onto the motor in a certain way or does it work any way you put the LED's wires on?

2 replies

it works anyway. If the positive and negative terminals of the LED are attached to the opposite terminals of the motor then the only difference is that you have to turn the wheel in the other direction to turn on the LED.