Simple Glass Canister Repurpose

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This is from my sister whom I visited recently in Colorado. When I saw this I told her I had to make her famous by posting her idea on Problem, she found these wonderful glass holiday canisters with a not so year round decoration. Unable to come up with any way to remove the decal this is what she did to re purpose them for year round use.

Set of canisters with undesirable year round decals.
Black board paint

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Step 1:

My sister obtained chalk board paint from the craft store and covered the decal.

Step 2:

After the paint dries it is ready to fill up and label with a simple piece of chalk. This system is flexible as you are not limited to a single label and can simply wipe off the chalk and re-label the canister for what ever material or item you wish to store in it.

Step 3:

Voila! Wonderfully re purposed holiday canisters to impress your friends and family.

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