Simple Glasses Holder

Introduction: The Box

For this you can use any box you like though I find phone boxes to be the best size for this project. I'm using a samsung galaxy S5 box I had laying around both because it's the perfect size and I just like the wood style of it.

Once you got your box you also need to get some sort of cloth or some cotton balls for the padding since this is where you are going to lay your glass on when you sleep. I'll be using a red cloth that I also had laying around, just put that to the side for now.
Now strip the box of its insides but keep the part with the phone like indent ( where the phone sits on when it greets you as you open the box for for the first time) we are going to use that later, you can toss the rest if you wish.

Now the that's done let's move on...

Step 1: The Base

Since the box is a bit deep here to accommodate the accessories that come with the device we are going to need to fill it. So hopefully you kept that piece I mentioned earlier, you got it right? No? You threw it out? Well it sounds like you might need to go dumpster diving then.

Now that you retrieved that piece and smell like death we can continue,

What you want to do is flip that puppy over so we can get the back side upright, this will serve as the smooth bottom that the cloth will sit upon. Ya just nudge that in there nice and easy so you don't bend or get a dent in it.

Got that? Good let's move to the next step.

Step 2: The Upholstery

Now that the base of the box is set we can lay down the cloth, I'm using a red cloth I found laying around but you can use any thing you desire. The point is to make it nice and soft for the glasses to lay upon.

What you can to do is fold it up, whoa hold on there don't cut it! By folding it you get that extra cushioning that will fill the rest of the box up.

We good? Awesome, let's go to the next step

Step 3: The Stuffing

Finally! The last step. This is the fun part where you get to stuff the cloth ( or what ever you so choose ) Into the box. Yup you got it, just stick that thing right in there.

All good? Awesome!

Step 4: The Placing

Now that you are all done with the crafting of your box you can now just set your glasses upon it. Don't it just look nice?
Now you don't need to do as exactly as I did here, you can mix and match various materials that suites you. This is just what I had laying around and really just needed something simple, so be creative!

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