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Introduction: Simple Halloween Gravestone Decoration

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These are the gravestones that I created. They are made out of thick foamcore. I used an X-acto knife to cut the edges, then carved it with woodworking knives. I learned that foamcore does not carve, it just rips. I made the first one in the the shape of a celtic cross, so the celtic knot came naturally. I colored it using crayons, charcoal and oil pastels. The second one is merely a foamcore shape that I gave a light coat of spray-paint to. The third one was made by melting oil pastel crayons and smudging the melted gunk on the foam. The first one is held up by two chopsticks reinforced by another chopstick and two popsicle sticks. I finished them off with a quick sanding of the edges and a spray of sealer. The sealer did not really work. I know the title is 'simple gravestone', but mine was very challenging to make. The method is simple, and then as you add more detail, it gets harder and more time consuming. If you use this method I would love to see pictures. If you like it, please vote! Thanks,


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