Simple Halloween Beaded Spider Necklace DIY



Introduction: Simple Halloween Beaded Spider Necklace DIY

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The Halloween spider necklace pattern might be a few years old, but it is still stunning and intriguing; it is a long lasting fun to make this spider necklace for Halloween holiday. If you take part in the local Halloween party, this Halloween Spider necklace would be quite the show stopper. We will show details about how to make Halloween spider necklace in following part.

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Step 1: Jewelry Making Supplies

1.5mm black aluminum wire

0.5mm black copper wire

0.3mm tiger tail wire

Black flat round acrylic bead

16mm black acrylic bead

8mm black glass beads

Black chain

Bronze jump rings

Bronze lobster clasp

Flat nose plier

Round nose plier

Wire cutter

Step 2: Make Halloween Spider Pendant

1st, pick a 15cm length of black aluminum wire and loop one end with round nose plier;

2nd, add the flat round bead and 16mm black bead onto the wire and loop the other end;

3rd, pick 2 lengths of 0.5mm black copper the wire that measures 15cm;

4th, wrap the middle of them around the gap between two beads;

5th, slide 5 black glass beads onto the left and right tails;

6th, tie knots at both ends, cut off excess tails and tuck sharp ends.

7th, repeat the same process and finish the rest 6 legs.

8th, pick a piece of black chain that measure 6 links;

9th, use a bronze jump ring to attach the chain with spider pendant.

Step 3: Make a Base Necklace

1st, pick a 40cm length of tiger tail wire, attach one end to lobster clasp and crimp down the end;

2nd, slide 50 black glass beads on, attach the other end to jump ring and crimp it down;

3rd, use another jump ring to combine spider pendant with this base necklace.

The tutorial on how to make Halloween spider necklace is done. If you don’t mind creating a statement necklace, the large spider pendant is quite suitable for you; however, if you are not fond of that kind, I recommend you to fetch two smaller beads to create this Halloween spider pendant.

For more information about jewelry making supplies, please visit:

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