Simple Hand Thermometer




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Hello everyone! This is my first instructables. I have a simple and cheap project. This thermometer use air to throw up the water. So let's make this project.

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Step 1: Material

1.a rubber band.
2.a water pass pipe (plastick pipe).
3.A hot glue. almunium or steel pipe.
5.a paper.
6.a black tape.
7.a holding
1. Cutter or scissors.
2. a (fire Gun)!!!
3. a ruler.
4. a pen.

Step 2: Put All Together

Close the end of plastick pipe with tape, and make a litle hole on it. Fill the pipe with water, but dont too much, just until you fell enough. Attach the almunium pipe with plastick pipe. Close the end of almunium pipe with hot glue and tape. Put a plastick holding in the almunium pipe with rubber band. Make a scale in the paper with ruller, and put the plastick pipe on it, put the pipe like U alphabeth.

Step 3: Test

To test the thermometer, put the almunium pipe on cold or hot thing. Look what happen with the water. Can you try it ?? . See Y!!




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